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We are currently living through a time that the future generations will study in their history textbooks (I seriously feel sorry for them).

The reason people like you and I have been able to sit at home safely is because of the relentless work that our frontline workers such as the healthcare officials, police officers, and government officials have been doing. They risk their safety and life to allow us to live our new “normals” at home. We all know that the least we can do to show our support and help flatten the curve is sit at home, but what about the people who are needed to not do so? While we leave the N-95 surgical masks for healthcare workers who are in direct contact with Covid patients, those who are their backbones need some protection as well.

Considering the shortage of non-surgical masks for a lot of our essential workers, I wanted to extend a helping hand by providing reusable and washable cloth masks for them. Since I had enough recycled fabric, I gathered a small team of my tailors, and by taking care of all the social distancing and sanitisation rules and regulations, we got to work and started making these masks for the unsung heroes of this global pandemic.

This was our small way of expressing our gratitude and thanking all of the workers who have and still are putting in so much hard work and giving us their undying support in these trying times.

Although we may not have made a significantly huge difference in this ongoing crisis, at least we here at Archana Kochhar, were able to put a smile on the faces of our Juhu frontliners.