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As someone who falls on the higher side of clothing tags, I understand the annoyance one feels when you can’t try on clothes because your size is not available. I understand the confusion one feels in a store trying to imagine how a size 0 garment will fit a size 16 body. I understand the irritation one feels when the garment is customized to what was supposed to be your size but still doesn’t fit or doesn’t look anything similar to the one on the model. This shouldn’t be a concern, for anyone. You are beautiful no matter what size you are and you deserve to wear clothes that compliment your amazing body! 

Our approach to this “big-fat problem” :

We, at Archana Kochhar, are dedicated to serving people of all shapes and sizes. Outfits in our pret line range from UK sizes 0-28 for you to try on in the store! There is no need for empty imagination here, you can wear the outfit which perfectly fits you and see how it truly looks on you! We also have collections dedicated to outfits which let curvy women flaunt their curves instead of hiding them. This gives everyone a chance to try an outfit that fits them well and then decide if they love it.

Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years which will help you flaunt your best assets and enhance your entire silhouette!

Tip #1

The importance of the “right” underlinen 

When it comes to looking right, your underlinen are just as important, if not more, than your outer garment. The wrong bras can bring attention to your love handles and the wrong underwears can cause rolls and muffin tops. This may come as a surprise, but wearing tight clothes can actually highlight some of your strongest features, as long as you make shapewear your new best friend! You just have to get into the habit of wearing them daily! This way you can wear clothes that are truly your size and not two sizes bigger. 

Tip #2

The magic of ‘Layering’

Layering can be used effectively to cut a person’s silhouette and make you look two sizes smaller while adding style to your outfit Emerald Carpet Cleaning. It can make you go from ordinary to stylish immediately! 

Important things to remember while layering are :

  • Keep it within the same colour family 
  • Layering should complement your body shape and not diminish it completely. Hence, it is important to cover in a sweeping outerwear with a thin belt or a fitted jacket to maintain your shape! 

These are just two of the many tips I have learned over the years. Keep up with my blog to be updated on more fashion tips and to know more about Archana Kochhar, the brand!